Health benefits of positive thinking

By Aditi | May 22, 2013 12:06 pm |
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Positive thinking- itself carries along lots of positive vibes with it and on such grounds, there can be no doubt on the health benefits of the positive thinking! When you think good and positively, you are to act positively and when you act positively, the result results too will be positive and consequently it will leave a positive impact on your mind making you feel free from stress and depressions. So, indirectly, positive thinking will always influence the health and will prompt it to stay healthy.

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All About Peace of Mind

By Aditi | May 2, 2013 9:55 am |
Positive thinking


You might have heard the phrase “Peace Of Mind” several times in your life. So, what is actually this peace of mind? Read on to know all about peace of mind in this article to actually achieve it in your own life to live in a better way.

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5 Essential Things to Remember About Marriage

By Aditi | April 8, 2013 4:00 am |


You might have come across many people who would have given you numerous tips to enjoy a blissful married life. So, actually, what is the secret of living a divorce free and happy married life? Read on to know about some essential things one should remember about marriage to keep it long lasting.

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How to know you have entered past honeymoon phase?

By Aditi | March 29, 2013 12:23 am |


Past honeymoon phase is a phase of life that actually brings you down to reality from your world of fairies and fantasies. Once you are done with the official honeymoon outing right after your wedding, you are now set to face what the real world is and how your man in reality is. By saying reality, the intension is not to say that your man or you were fake before marriage or in the wooing session, but then that was the fun and joyful period with no real issues like running the household, having children, planning monthly budget or buying groceries for your home. So, now that you will be facing all these day to day issues one after another, the reality will be fetched by you now only. This realization of responsibilities, duties, roles, the drawbacks of your partner or that of his good characteristics is actually the phase of past honeymoon or post honeymoon.

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What is Love?

By Aditi | March 26, 2013 12:23 am |


Defining love in exact terms definitely is not possible for anybody as the very thing love is abstract. You can only feel it but cannot touch it, so, on such grounds, it is impossible to define love. However, some signs of love can surely be pointed out which basically indicates the presence of love between two persons or two sides. Some of such magical things are being defined here that denotes that there is love or this is love.

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Using Psychological Influence in Social Media Content

By Aditi | February 28, 2013 12:04 pm |

Social Media Content

The social media contents found in the social media websites have that influencing and pulling capacity for which visitors gets pulled and interested in a particular site. The worthiness and the importance of a site depends on the content used in the site to a great extent and hence, it is a must for the website to possess quality content. The psychological influence a content can play leave on the minds of the reader is undeniable and there are few tips to bring that strong psychological influencing factors in a content. Some of those tips are discussed below-

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Why Brown Eyed People Are Trusted More?

By Aditi | January 29, 2013 4:10 am |


Sounds funny but is proved that the color of your eyes may throw a vibe about you to the person you are approaching. A recent research conducted to test the trustworthiness rate of men and women basing on the colors of their eyes and their facial appearances have something important for you to know. The research conducted showing people the pictures of brown an blue eyed men and women has shown that the brown eyed men are considered to be more trustworthy in comparison to the blue eyed men.

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What Communication Habits Result In Divorce?

By Aditi | January 24, 2013 4:42 am |


What causes breakups or divorces in couples? The reason can be just anything or many things but one thing that also plays a key role in leading to a break-up of a relationship is lack of communication or miscommunication. There are certain important things to know about communicating with your partner who if wrongly used, then may set your ways apart from one another.

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Guarding Children from Psychological Trauma

By Aditi | December 30, 2012 10:00 pm |


Handling the psychological state of a child who has undergone a traumatic and terrible situation in the recent past is tricky and the people handling him should be extra careful about many minor but important things. As a child’s state of mind use to be very soft, fragile and innocent who is yet to see much of the world, any terrible incident like witnessing a massacre, a shooting down of people in public places, finding the person or his little friends being shot right behind him or anything of an accident may leave a dangerous impact on his mind.

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How to Save Yourself from Believing In Weird Things?

By Aditi | December 20, 2012 11:25 am |


Believing in weird things, whether it gives you pleasure or pain, though has a great effect on the person who believes on it but in actual terms is nothing but a waste of time and energy. Weird things, as is termed as ‘weird’ are not worth the attention that you actually pay and in stead you can try to freshen up your mind by freeing you from such things and thoughts and thinking positively. You can very well counter and identify the misinformation and act wisely by taking help of certain ways.

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